​The Native All-Star Football game has been under the care and direction of Native ReVision, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based out of Dallas, Texas. We are in the 3rd year of operation for the game. One of our goals has been to bring the game forward into the mainstream media, and let all Tribal members see the incredible display of Native American athleticism that is now being branded the Native All-Star Football Classic…

Because we work hard and remain focused the event is gaining traction into mainstream media each year. In 2011 articles were printed in national and local publications including Indian Country Today, Cheyenne Arapaho News and Navajo Times. The 2102 game was streamed live on www.ihigh.comnativerevision.com. In 2013 we hope to include a television broadcast to our list of media recognition. We are experiencing more and more spectators with this last year having over 450 paid attendance to the game. It is an honor and privilege to be the producer of the NASFC.

“We must educate our children about the new global society and ensure that our people and our culture are not left behind.”
– Steve Cardwell

​This year we are striving to bring women’s Native American La Crosse teams to showcase their fast growing sport to the tribes here in the Midwest. We are very excited about this sport!

Another of our goals is motivating the players to be warriors in the classroom as well as on the field of play. We are trying to get the kids to look into the future and dare to dream about themselves, and their future families that they will certainly have to provide for later in life. We encourage them to have a positive vision of their life in the future. We want to help them understand that there will be so much life ahead of them after their playing days are over. And, just as importantly, that they leave a good example for the many kids that are coming behind them. They must leave a positive footprint for them to follow.

The Alex Battiest Award is an annual award to inspire new players and honor the memory of a fallen NASFC warrior. It was created in 2012. Alex was a player at our NAS game in Denton, TX in 2011. He was diagnosed with germ cell cancer a few weeks after the game and passed away in January of 2012. He was such an inspiring Native youth. Not only was he athletically gifted, he was one of the outstanding college bound young men that we so desperately need in all our tribes. It was a great honor for me personally to get to know this exceptional young man. He was a great example that we as parents and mentors try so hard to inspire the next generation of Native youth to become.

It is such an exciting time at Native ReVision as we plan for the future games and events. The smiles on the kids and seeing them bond with each other at the camps are some of the most rewarding events I have witnessed in a long time. It makes my heart soar with pride.

It takes support from people just like you and the willingness of our volunteers donating their time to make it all happen. We have been fortunate the last three years to have a small group of supporters to keep the game going. However, we sure could use your help as well, especially now that we plan to add women’s La Crosse! Come and support us and let it spread through the Nations about the inspiring event that is the NASFC.

I look forward to seeing you at the annual event during the week of the Fourth of July. Plan your next summer trip with a stop at the NASFC. Check our website www.nativefootball.org for information updates and please consider showing how much you care about our Native youth by making an annual donation to Native Re-vision and supporting the NASFC.


Steve Cardwell